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After losing father, family saved from losing home
Anwar named as Harapan PM candidate for GE15
Ismail Sabri: Umno supreme council can decide to hold party polls in June or to postpone it
S'wak DCM to pay compound for not wearing mask, explains why he handed out money
#KiniNews: Annuar 101% sure "Zahid-Anwar" audio is authentic
Annuar 101% sure audio is authentic, wants Zahid and Anwar to swear
Brazil's Covid-19 death toll could outpace the US
Najib vows to fight bankruptcy notice
Chin Huat: New leadership will be the best scenario for Umno
Global Covid-19 death toll surpasses 3 million amid new infections resurgence
#KiniNews: Pakatan Harapan names Anwar as GE15 PM candidate
This is one of the signs of a new alignment, says Hadi on 'Zahid-Anwar' clip
Shafee: Political conspiracy behind bankruptcy notice to Najib
Ousted Myanmar ambassador tells UK to reject the military's envoy
Malaysia slammed after ambassador meets junta leader in Myanmar
Anwar: It may sound like me, but this is slander
Italy, Britain suggest age limits for AstraZeneca vaccine but still recommend it
The matter is over, says Edmund Santhara on New Zealand trip
Nazri: Slim chance of winning if Zahid stays
Rescuers hunt for survivors after cyclone kills 119 in Indonesia
S'wak DCM to pay compound for not wearing mask
Wee Ka Siong: 12 deaths a day due to traffic accidents in 2020, even during MCO
Hadi: PAS will continue to support PN
AstraZeneca woes grow as Australia, Philippines, African Union curb Covid-19 shots
Annuar 101% sure "Zahid-Anwar" audio is authentic
Ku Li: Zahid must go if audio recording is true
#KiniNews: Zahid says audio clip is fake, denies speaking to Anwar
'Fear within refugees, migrant communities prevented them from accessing basic services'
Zahid shocked by plot to destroy Umno, denies speaking to Anwar
Russian police detain supporters of Kremlin critic Navalny outside prison holding him
'Wilayah' Sabah, Sarawak: I don't know, says Ismail Sabri
Hamzah: Will NGOs pay us to keep undocumented migrants here?
Guan Eng: Merely publishing spending under emergency ordinance isn't accountability
Northern Irish leaders struggle to quell worst violence in years
Lim slams PAS minister over nonchalance towards climate change
Anwar joins Zahid in denying authenticity of audio recording
The rise of right-wing conservative leaders would be the worst scenario - Chin Huat
PH no stranger to making U-turns, do another for Tanjung Pasir settlers - PSM
MCA finds ineffective hand-sanitizers at shops, restaurants in Selangor
LIVE: Tanjung Pasir settlers' protest about land issue